Windows programs from 10$ C#

Order software for Windows from 10$

Windows program from 10$

Your PERSONAL Windows program from 10$!

Order windows program from 10$,cheap simple Windows 7 programs for your personal needs,fun,security and tests,simple Windows programs with your picture,name,etc,from 10$ in 1 week ready!

Order web site,visit card site for your business,from 50$ ,after that you paying only for domain name about 15$ a year and hosting, from 10$ a year,depends on your needs.


Our Services

We are group of programmers,creating C# programs for Windows 7 and higher platform,simple PERSONAL WINDOWS program starting only from 10 USD !

  • Building windows programs from 10$
  • Personal web site for you from 50$
  • SEO for your site,let people find you in Internet
  • Technical support for your computer with TeamViewer,10$ hour
  • Technical support for your Android phone 5$ hour
  • Personal task,10$ hour

How it works

1) contact us via Skype or Email

Skype: Lugansk-translator

E-mail : , phone +373-67-308-792

Your program

From 10$ only!

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  • » Personal program for Windows
  • » Design,grafic for your site

10$ program

Program C# ,Windows

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